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GEMPRO Jewelry Care Guide

Jewelry is not something we purchase impulsively. It’s, in fact, one of the most thoughtful investments done by any individual; therefore, it becomes a treasure one needs to preserve. Jewelry should always be kept away from germs and anything that would harm it or damage it forever. Jewelry is generally made of different metals. Hence the chances of the metals spoiling with time are more.
Hence, timely, consistent care becomes a must.
Here, we have compiled :

  1. A list of general tips and tricks you can follow to prevent any kind of damage to your jewelry.
  2. A bonus tip (incl. Exclusive offer)
  3. A quick Gemstones cleaning guide right at the bottom

Tips / Tricks:

  1. Never wear your jewelry while washing your hands. The chemicals present in the soaps, solutions, or even water may harm the piece of jewelry and cause its luster to lose. It’s also vital to clean the germs underneath the jewelry. Hence, it is advised to remove your jewelry before washing your hands or bathing.
  2. In order to keep the jewelry germ-free, you are advised to clean them weekly with warm water to preserve the gleam.
  3. Some softer stones like Pearl, Emerald, Moonstone, etc., should never be cleaned using water. It is advised to clean them dry with the help of a soft cloth.
  4. Silver jewelry too has a soft gloss; hence may easily get tarnished if ignored for a considerable time. Usually, you can use a lemon juice and water blend to clean up such jewelry.
  5. Always keep away delicate jewelry from damp places. Always use dry gentle cloth for their cleaning
  6. If possible, always use airtight pouches/boxes to store your jewelry to prevent the oxidation process that may trigger.
  7. Be extra careful while spraying any perfumes or any other such products. Prevent any direct contact between them.
  8. Over time, the surface of any jewelry may get subjected to scratching; hence they need extra care while handling.

Bonus Tip

You must consider regularly replating your 925 silver jewelry to keep its shine forever.

925 Sterling silver is a metal alloy with a total percentage split up of 92.5% silver (Ag) and 7.5% copper (Cu). This indicates an assurity of 92.5% silver purity. The copper makes the silver harder and a bit more durable without compromising the shine & color.

But copper being a metal, tends to tarnish, turning into a black/dark brownish color. However, this tarnish won’t harm the sterling silver lying beneath. Hence, it’s better to replate the product once in a while to keep its gloss forever.

Gempro’s Offer :

  1. First Two Years Of Free Replating On Every Sterling Jewel You Purchase.
  2. You Can Visit The Nearest Gempro Approved Plating Center At Your Convenience.
  3. You Can opt for an Online Service by Gempro. However, you will have to bear the applicable courier charges based on your location.
  4. Service includes Dents and Scratches Repair, If Any

Gemstone Cleaning Guide :

Nowadays, gemstones are preferred a bit more than diamonds. The reason is the sparkling colors and reasonable rates you find in gemstones. This unique colorful property of gemstones needs to be elegantly nourished.

Therefore, here is a quick guide to how you can keep the shine for a long time without much trouble :

  1. Gemstones are all of different nature and hence need specific care according to every type.
  2. Understand what type of gem are you wearing (visit our product page for any specific gem to know the key features)
  3. Colored gemstones are usually treated in order to improve their appearance. Hence, you need to take utmost care of the cleaning products you use, as they may not be friendly to your gems.
  4. Gemstones may be sensitive to heat. Hence, while cleaning gemstones, never use hot or boiling water. Use lukewarm water instead
  5. Do not use a rough hand while cleaning. Always clean in a gentle way
  6. Some gemstones like Emerald are usually oiled to enhance their color, hence avoid using steam or other ultrasonic methods for cleaning. Avoid using water. Use dry methods.
  7. Some gemstones like Malachite may require cold water, as they are a bit sensitive to heat.
  8. You can use a mild washing liquid and a soft brush for the cleaning process.
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