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About Us

Our Journey Begins

Just like the formation of gemstones, it takes patience, nurture and perseverance to create a trustworthy brand that brings joy to its customers consistently and that’s our mantra at Gempro, a brand driven by the passion for gemstones.

Our journey began in 2007 as a B2B brand specializing in gemstones products. We have curated, sourced and supplied products across France, China, USA, U.K and more. With a strong hand in global supply-chain, and streamlined inventory management.

We wish to capitalize on our past success and expand our venture to a global audience with the launch of our new online store specializing in genuine gemstone products.

We Are Master Curators When It Comes To Quality.

Close to 500 types of gemstones are available to humans and most of us know only a few by their name. At Gempro we constantly explore and curate the best quality original gemstones from across the world. Hence, our products undergo meticulous quality check procedures at the gemology lab we are tied up with. We make sure our customers only receive gems that are real, natural and flawless.

Gempro is not only quality conscious but environment conscious as well. We follow ethical, ecological and sustainable practices that cause no harm to our mother earth.

Beauty, Art, And Purity Inspire Our Designs

Synergy in our Designs comes from one-of-the best in industry, jewelry designers, product designers, illustrators and more, who focus on creating beautiful and thoughtful products that spark joy in your life. You will find something for everyone: young fashionistas scouting for designer collections, working women seeking natural elegance for everyday ventures, or even men & women looking for unique and artistic lifestyle products.

Leveraging The Powering Beauty Of Gemstones

Gemstones are slowly but steadily gaining prominence in the fashion industry. Diamonds have been dominating the industry for a long time now, but gemstones provide a vibrant option to your regular jewelry, looking at the sharp preferences these days.

Gempro attempts to explore this colorful yet a sided part of jewels. We tap into the powerful world of gemstones to bring out its allure. As passionate gemstone lovers ourselves, we are making every effort to spread their positive elegance to the world.

Created over the millennia, every gemstone epitomizes life energies and emits vibrations that can be harnessed to heal, enhance and purify our lives. With jewels/artifacts/gems, you buy these higher self-elevating energies too.

Bring them into your life as jewels, artifacts or simply loose gems, whatever be the form and you can tap into their beautiful positivity.

Our Products Cater To A Wide Audience And Occasions.

Gempro is a niche brand that exclusively sells gemstone products, although our range is end-to-end when it comes to the applications of gemstones. From the colossal trading towers of Birmingham to the narrow alleys of Paris, and from the Italian-styled jewelry to Bangkok’s crisp designs, we serve a wider audience.

We are incredibly keen on our unique designs and specialize in providing custom designs to our customers.

Although we have focused on jewelry, we plan to develop a broader scope of gemstones peculiarly for lifestyle products, including home décor, gadgets, and assorted gifts in the future.

Whether you want to wear them, hold them, gift them or have them around in your room, we’ve got it all for you.

If it’s your engagement, birthday, anniversary, or even a grandma’s gift to a beautiful granddaughter, we have something for you.

Giving The Love Back To Society

Our emphasis is not just on building a business but also on building relationships, which is why we have fondly constituted a team of in-house trained underprivileged women to add up to our manufacturing team.

Gempro is at the center of bringing our sisters, whom we call our “Crystal Team”, the joy, empowerment, self-sustenance, and financial independence they deserve.

Gemstones also work excellent when channelizing the inner strength of a woman. A sense of feminine power develops within a woman that makes her strong during challenging times.

Gemstones are not just a way of flaunting a woman’s beauty, but it gives her a sense of self-confidence, emotional healing, self-love and an energetic balance along with a poise she needs.

Environmental Friendly Sourcing & Processes

As a responsible brand, Gempro renounces the hitherto careless mining operations that have contributed to environmental pollution, tampering of natural resources, and exploitation of poor workers.

We have set up a concord within our supply chain system to abide by the transparent, ethical grounds placed by Gempro. Luckily, we have found alike partners who, too, believe in the same ethos.

Moreover, in our obsession with not compromising our product quality, we haven’t forgotten our obligation towards a healthy environment. Hence, each of our collected gems is acquired ethically, ecologically, and with the help of sustainable practices that cause no harm to our mother nature.

We also profoundly cherish the idea of eradicating child labor downright, making “no-child labor” our foremost policy.

Our Vision

To become the most desirable lifestyle brand while spreading the brilliance and positivity of gemstones.

Our Mission

To create trend setting designs in gemstones with industry best quality at surprising rates supported by customer crazy service and to build a strong team with the spirit of oneness and growth, contributing towards creating a more equitable society. We are committed to bring Gemstones within reach of a much wider consumer-base, globally.

We put a lot of time, energy, and love into everything we do and are passionately driven towards our vision of becoming a globally loved brand when it comes to authentic gemstone products.

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